Why For the Kulture?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Our why, and to show that young, black love exists STILL.

Tony: It’s interesting that our blog has launched in the middle of all the chaos surrounding the world. When we were planning this last year, we had no idea we would be in a pandemic, and there would be massive protests surround ‘Black Lives Matter’ around the globe. We named our blog For The Kulture, because we wanted to represent a positive light in the world, and right now more positivity is needed more than ever.

Crystal: When it comes to marriage specifically, we wanted to create an open space platform where we share our insights of our personal journey through marriage. Hardly Holmes was created to not only show our travels, but our personalities as well. Personally, I wanted to incorporate wellness through a plant-based lifestyle by sharing our cookbook. As a fitness nutrition coach that is something we recently incorporated into our lifestyle over the last couple years.

Tony: For me FTK is a safe space for people looking for alternatives to what media and society forces us to see. If you let the news tell it, we’ve been living in dark times for decades. But are we really? Or is this all we see because it’s what they want us to see? Well either way we’re here showing the world that young happy marriage does exist, and you can live a lifestyle alternative to society and be free/happy to live in a world of positivity. It’s all about choice, we choose to at least try to be positive about life and our future every day.

Crystal: My hope is that this blog you see us, and when I say that, I mean that you see us as people who not only love each other, but hope to inspire and encourage love to thrive, give it a try and not give up. Whether you are single, in a relationship, engaged or married, this journey is well worth it. We hope through our stories you see that as well and stay encouraged.

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