The Little Things

Crystal: So little things that keep our love alive and going I feel like have to do with our love languages.

Tony: Yea, I agree because we definitely have different love languages.

Crystal: Right, cause mine is quality time, and spending a lot of quality time.

Tony: Yea, and mine is more the actions that you do. I’m more of an actional kind of person. You can show me better than you can tell me.

Crystal: Exactly, and I learned that too as well because I would like to give you stuff, but that necessarily would not be what you would want. It’s more-so what I said.

Tony: Yea, what you said or what you’ve done. Like it would be kind of like…if you, had a nice dinner made when I got home to surprise me, with something as my favorite is a big gift to me than spending a whole bunch of money; on something that you think I like. I just like you.

Crystal: You love me!

Tony: Well. Exactly!

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