The Big Decision

Crystal: So, the Big decision and just us getting married at a “young age”.

Tony: Were we really that young? How old were we?

Crystal: I was 23 and you were 26.

Tony: Right.

Crystal: So, I mean I think for both of us because we’ve been dating for like a few years beforehand since college because that’s where we met and then after that… It was just kind of like marriage was already a topic of discussion and it was kind of like.. why not? What are we waiting for? You know?

Tony: Yea well I mean you know we had been dating for a while you know like you said. I mean we had been dating for 3 going on 4 years prior to that. So for me I was like…I was only willing to do the dating thing for so long until I wanted to take the next step with you. And I felt like…I mean after 3 or 4 years you should know somebody right? Or that if you want to marry them. You know?

Crystal: Yea because it wasn’t like we wanted to wait until we were at a certain point in our own personal lives, it was just more like we’re going to work this out together. We decided that we wanted to be fully committed to one another and get married.

Tony: I mean like I always tell you, you know I didn’t come to play no games with you. So I was gonna lock you down…regardless.

Crystal: Oh Lord! Oh my gosh, you are such a mess, but yea you did…and here we are.

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