Black is King Review

C: That was powerful, and we had to watch it twice because it was that powerful. It was a voice on a stance on not only culture, but her expressing and showing our roots. You saw a lot of African heritage and Motherland documentation within the video. It was just very black, and I loved everything about how the delivery was, from a creative aspect and just from the message itself. You saw biblical principles be instilled from her being in the water with the basket. I think of Moses and the symbolism behind him being the person who helped free the slaves from bondage. That whole symbolic view, I took it as her “releasing her own legacy” to help carry on into the next generation in its stance for freedom. The fight continues…

T: I think the part for me was seeing so many black people on a level like that on Disney for one thing which is really impressive. I don’t think its ever been that many black people on Disney at one time…ever.

C: Uh-uh

T: And then having JayZ and Beyonce on that one part together.

C: Mood Foreva. It was just BOSS on another level, and for them as a couple to execute the way they did, me personally I respect it. They’ve had their hardships as any relationship can be, and even from her song, “Bigger” she talks about forgiveness is key…because we’re fighting something way bigger. Through it all, they are still there, and will continue to be there.

T: Yea, Mood Foreva it was just really dope to see them like that because you see the evolution of them as individuals and as a couple and as a couple and power unit.

C: Exactly. You just know they’re about to rise up and take over.

T: They already are.

C: They already are.

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