Balancing It All

C: You know I feel like this was a huge transition for myself personally. It was having to realize that you really have to balance things because you have other priorities and obligations now that you have to deal with. It’s not just me, and my job and extra curricular and friends. It’s you.

T: What are you talking about?

C: I’m saying between having…

T: What do you mean now? You’ve been married for almost 5 years (lol)

C: I know that, but…

T: Is it just occurring to you?

(Both laugh)

C: I’m just reflecting because this was something I had to transition in the last 4 years in my life.

T: Touché

C: Mmhmm..and it took a lot of growing for me, and even for you to help me in realizing that; and you do it in such a loving way. What do you have to say?

T: Balancing it all…what do you mean by that exactly?

C: Like with our friends, family and work as a married couple.

T: Ok. Well, for me, you just have to put stuff in order. I’ve learned a while ago that you have to prioritize and you have to put the most important things first. Which for me, the most important thing is having a relationship with God. When you have a strong relationship with God and make him your foundation then no matter what happens you can always bounce back off of that. Verses if you make money the most important thing, or if working out and your physical body as the most important thing. When you put God as the most important thing, then not only do you have that to balance off of but you also are able to put your life in order. As a married man your life should go, in my opinion anyways, based off the stuff I read, should go: God, wife, children, and then family, business, community kind of in that order. You really are supposed to put yourself at the back burner of all that. That doesn’t mean you don’t do for yourself but you just try to put other people before you if you can. So for me, I put that as my balance and how I balance life out; is by having it in order and prioritizing.

C: Yea and it’s like you said, that still making sure you take care of you and your mental still first. Not dismissing it.

T: Oh, you should definitely take care of your mental first because you can’t take care of God’s mental. What I mean is my time.

C: What you said also made me think about being in counseling when they talked about that too as well. Like, the order and even as a wife on my end in having God first. Whether that is the start of my day, by praying, devotion, both and praying for you and my book, “Power of a Praying Wife” as well. If I’m praying for you then that helps with keeping things in alignment and balance I feel like as far as the structure and foundation of our household. Then with everything else falling into place when you have that set. I feel that at the core, it does help with the balance with other people and family. We’ve had to deal with that too, and I feel like we’ve been able to figure that out over the past 4 years in balancing our family with what we do.

T: Until we have children.

C: Yea and then that will be different lol

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