9 Years Later...

Do you know what today is? *singing anniversary song lol. It's not our anniversary, BUT it is a very special day for us. Today is the day we made the commitment to each other to be "official" (a.k.a. boyfriend & girlfriend) :). When we originally met in 2011, Tony and I were just friends. People would ask, and the answer remained the same..every time haha. To this day he still mocks me on that. Seriously, we are, and even now he is my BEST friend. Friendship is where it all began. Then, February 5th (Super Bowl Sunday 2012) after church I decided I was ready.

Back story, I wasn't ready to be a girlfriend. Why? I honestly was scared. I was in a previous relationship almost a year before and got hurt by that person. My motto was literally, "Me, Myself, & I" Beyonce from that point on. My best friend can tell you (I drove her crazy playing that on repeat) lol. Then this Sunday in particular, Pastor Warner of Live Oak Missionary Baptist Church in Nacogdoches at that time, spoke about missing out on your blessings. In particular his point was how we will allow our past to hinder or hold us from moving forward because we think something that happened before would happen again. Hmmm...right? We will miss our blessings because of fear, and if we wait too long we just might miss it. I felt convicted instantly. The message can be taken into context for various situations, but in that moment, all I could think about was Tony. I was tearing up and emotional at that point because it was all true. The idea of "getting in another relationship" to me was far too soon, and again the fear of being hurt or disappointed yet again was on my mind. However, in that moment, it was a sense of release and peace that I felt. Right then I knew, and said that I would trust this timing and if it doesn't work, God's still in control and I will be okay.

That night, I actually called him, and told him I was ready. Of course from that day on, the rest was history and here we are to this day 9 YEARS later ya'll and expecting our first baby boy. I'm very grateful for the encouragement, and I encourage anyone who is struggling with making a decision to commit, to go for it. We have this female intuition, or gut feeling, people might say about how we go about life and the relationships we have. If you were like me and have anxiety about everything, it is ok. We only miss the shots we don't take, so if he's there and you have no reason to doubt, go for it. Pray on it, and God will give you a clear answer. Don't be scurred...have faith and trust the journey.

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