10 Tips For Your 20's

By: Tony Holmes

1. The 20’s are where mistakes are made and it doesn’t matter.

2. You have time here to explore the world and try things to better shape your future for when things are a bit serious.

3. Learn learn learn! Learn outside of what you were taught in high school and college. Life is your professor now!

4. Try love. Even if it doesn’t work out. Try falling in love with a potential life partner, and don’t be afraid of getting your heart broken. It’s a part of life.

5. Spend time with your family.

6. Travel as much as you can, but understand you will always be able to travel later in life if you work hard early.

7. Make sacrifices from friends and peers when need be.

8. Don’t get caught in the Instagram trap. Life is more than pictures and what people make it out to be.

9. Find your niche professionally and personally.

10. Discover your two greatest gifts by the end of your 20’s. Your talent should start to show by then.

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